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 axes and oohhs:the story of the butcher

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axes and oohhs:the story of the butcher Empty
PostSubject: axes and oohhs:the story of the butcher   axes and oohhs:the story of the butcher Icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 1:11 am

long ago their once was a small village that was ruled by a small clan of warriors and in that clan their was the village butcher annd he went by the name of gage their was alot of strange stuff going on in gages butcher shop one day their was a person missing and the villagers gathered up a search party and the missing person was found hacked up in the butchers shop thats when the butcher drew his axes and hacked away at the civalins one of them got lucky and stab the butcher and threw him in a pit thats were he met croix.croix was thrown into that same pit as the butcher.the butcher was thrown his meet cleaver while croix was given his sword.after croix and gage had a battle they both fell at to the ground at the same time.the butcher and croix since then have been allies croix was able to turn to the butcher undead.for the next 100 years croix and the butcher was forgoytten and left in the hole to rot but one faithfull day a woman came ridding up on a horse and she didint know of the butcher and croix evil and she helped them escape.the butcher asked her wats her name she replied with abigal.after that croix and the butcher became freinds with abigal.a few more years passed abigal and the butcher got married.abigal never knew the butcher was evil cause after all they never fought toghter.but once she found out she decided to kill the butcher and croix.but unfortanlly the butcher found out of this betrayal and made a chice to kill abigal.the butcher kept abigals head as a soviner now he rides into battle with the head of his lover.
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axes and oohhs:the story of the butcher
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