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 The Dragonwalker's Armory

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Aodhfin Dragonwalker
Aodhfin Dragonwalker

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PostSubject: The Dragonwalker's Armory   The Dragonwalker's Armory Icon_minitimeWed May 12, 2010 12:21 pm

Arming Dragons

The Dragonwalker's Armory
Many of you probably already know that I make weapons. Well, this is my little "mom and pop" store for buying, commissioning, placing orders, etc. I'll update my stock each time I have more weapons made, otherwise, place the order, pay me, and you'll have the equipment in a week type deal. I'm not really in this to make money, I'm more in it for the experience, the fun, the challenge, and a little bit of spare cash for gas money. That being said, here's the official "Arming Dragons Guarantee".

All weapons carry a 100% guarantee, and should last a minimum of 6 months before breaking down from normal use. However, all weapons from Arming Dragons are covered for the full lifetime of the weapon (i.e. til it is discarded or destroyed). This includes free reblades and half off complete rebuilds for the full lifetime of the weapon. This does not cover weaponry that is used NOT as it is intended. Weaponry is intended to be used for boffer sports, and will be made legal for Amtgard, Belegarth, and Dagorhir OR to the specific sport that you are playing.


Price List

Weapons under 48" (Short hacking and smashing weapons): $10
Weapons 12" or under (Daggers, knives): $5
Weapons 48" or more (Greatswords, maces, hammers): $25
Javelins: $15
Spears: $30
Polearms (Poleaxes, glaives, etc) $40
Cored Strap Shield: $40
Coreless Punch: $20
Plastidip: Will vary depending on design and amount needed
Reblades: $5
Rebuilds: Cost of weapon
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The Dragonwalker's Armory
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