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 State of Affairs

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Aodhfin Dragonwalker
Aodhfin Dragonwalker

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PostSubject: State of Affairs   State of Affairs Icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 2:01 pm

Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Dragonwalker again. Numbers at practice declined rather rapidly, but hopefully people will start showing up regularly again. I understand that it was a bit chilly this winter, but compared to last year (when we still fielded at least 5 fighters every week, as long as it was above 15 degrees), it's been nice and warm. So break out the long sleeves if you have to, but come on back out and fight!

I just started work at TDK, so in a couple weeks I'll have steady money and time again (hopefully). Keep in mind, I'm doing school full time as well, but I should be available for making weaponry on a regular basis again. Please, if you are wanting to continue fighting, start thinking about garb and weapons. Get with me, and I'll be glad to help. Keep in mind, although having garb at practice is encouraged, but not enforced, it is enforced at any event you would want to attend. As for the personal weapons, it's just a good idea to have your own to practice with.

Once I have more cash, I'm looking at making business cards and flyers. If you are a leader of a unit and want cards for yourself to promote with and hand out, please let me know so I can figure out how much I need to save, how many cards I'll need, etc. Aside from that, please spread the word to ANYONE you think might be interested! Remember, Dagorhir is for everyone who wants to participate, and there's more than just fighting available. Eventually, it'd be great to be able to have multiple meetings each month, for fighting, garb-making, weapon-making, and even DnD sessions to help with getting into character and roleplaying.

Finally, I'd like to get back into the habit of having events in Midgar territory. I'd really appreciate your help in this, so that way it can be more fun for everyone involved. With that being said, I'll be going through the bylaws this month, and I'm hoping to have a meeting in February or March to go over them. That would include voting on the removal, addition, or revision of the Laws in Midgar. If you have any questions, please message me. If you have any suggestions or proposals, please post them in the General Discussion, and make sure to put the name of the suggestion/proposal in the subject preceded by the word Proposal or Suggestion.

For example: Proposal: [Name of Law]

Anyways, I hope to see everyone soon!

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State of Affairs
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