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 ok what's been happening?

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Lucius Sulla


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PostSubject: ok what's been happening?   Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:45 pm

well,what the f*** fellas,is the realm still alive?
I have been gone too long and now I have a plan on returning plus looks like just about 30 days to get in shape for war of the roses,which looks to be february 18th fill me in,what's going on,will I be going to Edmond alone again this year?
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Aodhfin Dragonwalker

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PostSubject: Re: ok what's been happening?   Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:48 pm

Raalcorr is on a break I suppose, I'm looking for work and planning a move to Arizona, and I have no idea about everyone else. As far as I know the realm is still alive, just no practice the past couple weeks because of the holidays. There's practice starting back up again on the 8th, this Sunday, and I believe that there are some fighters from Durant showing up. I haven't really heard from anyone besides Gage in about....3 weeks. Leon showed up at the last practice, but since it was just the three of us, we cut out early. Demo is working, David and Dondy are....well, I don't know.

I think that sums up everyone else apart from you, Sulla. It'd be good to have you back on the field, but War of the Roses presence probably will be non existent again. Not by my choice, once again, but still. Kinda sucks, last year I missed because of Curtis being born. This year I'll be missing because I'm preparing for moving out of state. I will try, however, because it'll be good to hit an event before moving, and it'd be awesome to see everyone that I can one last time. Incidentally, I'm hoping that Midgar doesn't completely die once I leave. That would pretty much suck. The Dragonknights would live on, but it'd still stink if the realm folded. We'll find out, I suppose.
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ok what's been happening?
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