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 And now, from the desk of the Dragonwalker

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Aodhfin Dragonwalker
Aodhfin Dragonwalker

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And now, from the desk of the Dragonwalker Empty
PostSubject: And now, from the desk of the Dragonwalker   And now, from the desk of the Dragonwalker Icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2011 10:47 am

Hey everyone. I have some news for you...some good, and some bad, depending on your perspective.

I'm moving to Ohio this year, hopefully by September. So, Starfire, Aeden, Curtis, and myself won't be around past summer. The council members and realm officials will be in charge of choosing the next set of officials and council members, weaponry will be in another realm member's possession, etc. Now, this doesn't mean I'll be leaving the Dragonknights, or that I'm leaving Midgar. Instead, I'll be seeing about creating another branch in Ohio. It'll take some time, and I'll have to get in touch with some people to make sure I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, pissing in their cheerios, so on and so forth. You guys know how it is with territory. Razz

In the meantime, I'll still be attending practices, and the realm weapons/personal weapons I've already promised to make or finish will be taken care of. However, after those weapons are finished, I won't be spending any more money on Dagorhir, and any weapons I make will not be wholesale or free; they will unfortunately have to be priced so as to cover all materials used, as if creating from scratch with no materials stockpiled (considering I'll be giving all remaining materials to the realm, there won't be any scraps to start from).
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And now, from the desk of the Dragonwalker
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