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 Ahnz needs some aid

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Ahnz needs some aid Empty
PostSubject: Ahnz needs some aid   Ahnz needs some aid Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 2:47 am

i require assistance finishing a long blue katana with a stabbing tip
this sword is for decorative purposes, but i would also very much like it to pass as long as possible without having to repair it too much.
I have difficulties making blues that dont hit hard, and i wanted to use some EVA, but i never managed to obtain any, it has 2 blue layers already dapped, but i can start over if i need to. *I only need help with the blade and tip, as for the tsuba, handle and pommel i do not require any assistance.*

also, if anyone has a strip of leather i could use/buy to fix my axe Tomahawk, it would be greatly appreciated. The leather will be applied to the bottom of the axe so the the forces that are applied to the area will not rip it.
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Ahnz needs some aid
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