The Realm of Midgar

A New Realm Rises from the Ashes of the Past....
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 And So It Begins

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Kroix Altergot

Kroix Altergot

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PostSubject: And So It Begins   Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:34 pm

The First Battle Between The Shadows And Dragons Was Devastating. Many Lives Were Lost In That Battle, It Has Been 2 Months Since That Battle Took Place, And It Has Been Long Enough To Regain What Was Lost. Croix Altergot Decidet It Was Time To Invade The Home Ove The Dragonknights Agian, But This Time He Decided To Surround The Town With His Minions. At Dawn He Lead His Army Back To Thew Home Of The Shadowknights Once Agian. They Then Surrounded The Town From All Sides, With Their Catapults Ready They Flung Burning Rocks At The Town Over And Over Until They Ran Out, Then Crox Orderd Them To Charge The Town, Ghouls,Demons,The Undead,And Liches Charged The Town.
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gage lamb

gage lamb

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PostSubject: Re: And So It Begins   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:27 pm

gage went up to croix and made a suggestion it was this the warriors charge the wall and we keep the archers back behind us and command them to fire on the town also croix i would like to be in control of say 150 men so i can have a attack force
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And So It Begins
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