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 Aodhfin Arach Cara Duinn An Ithir

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Aodhfin Dragonwalker
Aodhfin Dragonwalker

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PostSubject: Aodhfin Arach Cara Duinn An Ithir   Aodhfin Arach Cara Duinn An Ithir Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 10:05 pm

Many moons ago, a boy was born into the ranks of a Circle of Druids. These Druids, armed with naught but themselves and Nature's Blessings, had done what few had ever tried or succeeded to accomplish: these Wild Folk (as some came to call them) walked and communed with dragons. They were known as Dragonwalkers. As for the boy, he named me Aodhfin Arach Cara Duinn An Ithir, The White Fire Dragon Of The Earth. This was due to my paleness as a child, accompanied with my intense inner fire and affinity to the Dragons of the Earth.However, my birth is only a stopping point in my story, which begins many years ago.....

Long before the ash blackened the sky, when the world lived in tenuous peace, a Druidic cult (as they were called by all "experts" in the occult) left northern Ireland and came to the country known as America. Of course, they had to hide their beliefs just as much and just as thoroughly as in their home country, but that was of little consequence to them. This was long before I was born, even before the First World War (as some books I have found related). This pilgrimage, as my forefathers called it, was the only one of its kind. My ascendants had never before left our Sacred Grove in Ireland, nor had ever consulted with the Ancients to do so. However, the Ancients foretold a coming blackness that would cover the land and destroy the Sacred Grove......and that we would need to find new allies to fight the darkness. My forefathers were told to look to the stars for guidance......but they did not heed. Instead, they withdrew the shield from our Grove, drained and stored its energies and spirits, and fled with the hopes that they could avoid the darkness. They lived in peace and solitude in the forests of what the Americans came to call a national park....the Elders shield isolated us from the world, and so we lived in peace once more. Many years passed....and then a darkness came. It clouded the skies and turned the world colder......the Ancient Ones added their strength to the Elders and kept the surrounding forests safe. The darkness passed, and the Elders believed the threat was gone.
Several years later, my story began. After speaking with some of the Alterrans such as Tiberius, I was able to fill in the holes that our isolation brought about. Three years after what the Alterrans call the Twenty Three Minute Decimation, I was born. The Ancients knew what was in store for the world ahead, and so began to mature me with their magic, unknown to the Elders or my parents. It was the first secret that they did not share with us.....
By the War of the Roses in PCE 10, I had been matured enough that I could care for myself. By PCE 15, the Ancient Dragons had dwindled in numbers.....and yet no one ever sensed them leaving or dying. Therefore, we did not question their absences-only when they did not return did we question. So we consulted the stars, the trees, and the elements. As the elders searched for answers, I searched for signs to point me in the right direction. I found one.....just outside our Sacred Grove.
It was a legion of warriors, accosting one of the Ancient Ones. I had come too late to save Her, and at the sight of the...barbarians....butchering Her to gorge themselves, I flew into a rage. I called upon the Ancients spirits, and was filled with their a cost to my eyes and part of my soul. I became the first to truly be known as Siul Le Arachs....One Who Walks With Dragons, a Dragonwalker in Mind, Body, and Soul. I became an Ancient in my rage......and almost died as one as well. Two more scores of heathens appeared from a large roadway, to assist in the stripping of Her the end, the grass was stained with their unclean blood, mingled with Hers and mine. My only salvation was that the Ancient Power stayed with me, infusing me and healing me. Soon after, I learned the name of those Wretched Ones.......the flag they hide behind is deception, with the pretense of a New World Order....the NWO. My Sacred Grove has been long razed because of my actions, but I found solace in the dual knowledge of the Ancients resting within me, far from the pilfering hands of the barbarians.....and that I have befriended others that oppose them: the Alterrans. Perhaps I will learn to forgive the Wretched Ones of their brutality; once I have helped the Grove return to it's natural state. Perhaps not......many lives and destinies still hang in the balance, and I must continue my search for the remaining Ancients. I have heard tell from the captured warriors that some of the Ancients have been captured, as the NWO sought to use their power for domination. I hope to liberate or avenge them someday, as there is also tell of torture to try and learn the Secrets that are only passed to the Dragonwalkers......
After my initial battle with the NWO on that fateful day, I searched for reasons. Through the Power they gave me by binding to my soul, I have finally been revealed the truth. The Ancients never left......they had created a failsafe in case the Elders did not heed them and their teachings: me. You see, the Dragons could not be seen by others they do not wish to be seen by. In that aspect, they are Spirits. However, they are not Spirits to the extent that they are quite real and tangible....when they want you to see them. They are quite literally Forces of Nature, and as such are tied to Nature. Thus when Nature suffered from the did they. They retreated far into themselves, and activated the failsafe that their magic had created. Thus they seemed to disappear, while I grew in power and the Shield weakened. The few Ancients that abhorred the idea of using a child were the ones that were killed and captured by the NWO, as their magic failed with Nature. As for the Sacred Grove....I regret that I am the reason for the razing of the Grove. When the NWO learned of the deaths of three of their legions they destroyed the forest, and the Grove and my brethren with it. And so my journey continues.....I then left to ready for battle with the Alterrans against the NWO. However, I fell ill and had to stay at the Dragon's Lair, a tavern in a small wilderness town. I had a strange dream while I was recovering, and then found the townspeople murdered and hanging from well as being eaten by owlbears. A hunter by the name of Bard came and helped me out during the battle, and then we traveled together towards Tizona, seeking answers.
About a day's out from Tizona, I sensed a dark presence approaching. Thinking to save Bard, I used a spell to send him to Tizona. The spell had barely whisked him away when a shadow dragon by the name of Ryu-Wo alighted and asked me for help. And so I confronted an evil Dragonknight hellbent on obtaining the power of the Shadow Dragons to avenge his master and dragon. I barely defeated him, and in sparing his life was able to befriend him. He trained me in the ways of the Dragonknights, taught me their code, and told me to continue my journey to Tizona. He himself stayed with the Shadows, living with them and protecting them. Tizona was in sight for me as I left the mountain that the dragon's well as a giant archway. Upon passing through the archway, I realized I was not looking on Tizona, but a half ruined city. All around me signs of a long passed battle were evident....but with weapons I had never encountered before. I trekked on to the city, and found people, elves, orcs, dwarves and countless other races rebuilding it. I discovered that I was in Midgar, and that I could stay as long as I liked....or at least until I left to find another portal. The one I had just came through had finally drained of energy with my passaged. The city itself had no name, and so I called it Tizona. That was several years ago now, and I celebrate my 21st birthday with the creation of the Dragonknights of Midgar. I have come to have brethren once more, and will protect this land with them as long as I am able...or at least until I accidentally walk through the wrong doorway.
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Aodhfin Arach Cara Duinn An Ithir
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