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 Assassins guild requirements

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PostSubject: Assassins guild requirements   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:21 am

Just a quick question about the requirements.
Daggers are a stapel of the assassin ans so are crossbows.
My question is about the rocks and bow. They don't realy feel like something I would assassinate someone with.
Also I don't have a crossbow or a regular bow and I don't realy care to use them. So would that exclude me? Because I'm an original gank'ster and I think I could do the guild justice.
I posted the same question on the assassins page as well.
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Aodhfin Dragonwalker

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PostSubject: Re: Assassins guild requirements   Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:37 am

If you look in the requirements, it says that you must be skilled in ONE of the following: Daggers, rocks, bows, crossbows. The bows and rocks (in Dagorhir) are just as useful for assassinating your target, although a dagger is preferred. It's more fun to sneak up with nothing but a dagger, or walk up and strike up a conversation, and then stab people anyways. Twisted Evil

Basically, in answer to your question: Nope, you would not be excluded in the least. Watch for a PM from the guild leader in the very near future.
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Assassins guild requirements
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