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 Guild of the Clothe: Rules and Guidelines

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Guild of the Clothe: Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Guild of the Clothe: Rules and Guidelines   Guild of the Clothe: Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2009 2:18 pm

Guild of the Clothe

1. You must be a participating member of Midgar.
2. All garb, to count for your guild rank, must be approved by the guildmaster or their designee.
3. All members will be expected to share their knowledge with the rest of the guild.
5. An Expert Garber may promote any deserving member as far as Garber.
6. Any Master of the Clothe may promote any deserving member as far as Journeyman Garber.
7. A Master of the Clothe may suggest any deserving member be promoted to Master of the Clothe, but only the Guildmaster may promote to that rank.
8. Rank requirements:

a) Beginner Garber: Must have and wear approved garb at events and practices, and must know the basics of sewing.
b) Garber: Must have created their own set of garb, know basic alterations from mundane clothing, and have created weapon covers.
c) Journeyman Garber: Must create four sets of garb, be proficient at alterations so that a person cannot tell at first glance if the garb came from mundane clothing.
d) Craftsman Garber: Must show abilities in multiple styles of garb, most or all visible stitching must be by hand, and noticeable improvement of garb quality.
e) Expert Garber: Must host a garb making class and make cloaks, as well as a wide variety of styles of garb. All stitching should be by hand. Help make tabards and help Masters run the guild.
f) Master of the Clothe: They must have hosted 4 garb making classes and host at least one annually thereafter. Must make cloaks, tabards, and inspect the work of the lower ranks.

Beginner Garber
Journeyman Garber
Craftsman Garber
Expert Garber
Master of the Clothe
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Guild of the Clothe: Rules and Guidelines
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